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Center Parcs - Longford Forest

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Contractor: John Sisk & Son

Duration: 18 months

Service Applied: Sealant Application

Center Parc in Longford forest is a family holiday park located in 400 acres of trees filled with activities, Restaurants and accommodation lodges for holidaying in Ireland.

Excell Sealants completed Silicone Application to all areas of the park- Including the Subtropical Swimming pool, Children’s water play areas, The lodges and accommodation (internal) Bathrooms, Windows, Kitchens, Shower Walls etc. On site Restaurants, Activity Centres and more.

We worked on this project for a duration of 18 months Sub-Contracted with John Sisk & Sons completing our work in 2018.

Subtropical Swimming Pool and Children's wet play areas.

We sealed the swimming pool and wet areas with water proof silicone ensuring that all the main brick or concrete surfaces were fully sealed and tightly sealed. We sealed all flooring and wall joints, sealing all around the edges of the structures to avoid cracking and lifting in the stone and and flooring to occur.

Accommodation Lodges, The Sana Spa and Restaurants.

All the lodges within Center Parc were sealed by us here at Excell Sealants. We completed our work in all kitchen areas, Wall joints, Shower areas, bathrooms and other internal areas within the Lodges using Sanitary Sealant to prevent leaks and mould from occurring while providing a waterproof effect.

The Sana Spa:

Waterproof silicone sealant was also applied within the Spa centre to the swimming pool and wet area surfaces and structures to ensure no cracking or water damage will occur in the facility.

As well applied within the facility and externally for weatherproofing, insulation, and moisture-resistance.

All Sealant was applied within changing facilities and bathrooms in the Spa complex using a sanitary sealant used to tidy up the structures and to act as a mould inhibitor on the surfaces.

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Sep 24, 2020

Looks fantastic!

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